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Quality Products

Worship Productions L.L.C. is all about bringing excellence to the Kingdom of God.  We have carefully selected the best components to bring you the best products suitable for houses of worship.  As churches, our needs are different then the rest of the market, and it is our desire to never over or under-sell churches with their LED Products.  We are pastors, and take the ministry of servicing churches with only the best made and service products without premium prices.

Technical Support

We understand churches.  We need it “by this Sunday” and cannot afford any down time.  Worship Productions L.L.C is a U.S.A. based company, that means we are here to assist you at any hour and available to talk and help you though any process in plain english.  Our dedicated professional team will make sure to keep your screen “100” during its lifetime. 

Unbeatable Prices

Many ask “how can we sell our panels at such amazing prices?” Thanks easy, most companies follow standard business protocol by making sure they have large margins.  This was never our mission.  We offer the same quality products (see our specs) for the best price because our mission is helping churches and bringing our own churches up to par with bi-vocational staff.  They help serve their local churches in many types of ministry,  and  help the Kingdom through this Faith Based Company.


Worship Productions L.L.C. understands budgets and we are here to work with you and your budget of any size.  Whether it is a Full-Installation, Assisted-Installation, or Remote-Installation we are ready to serve you.  We believe 80% of our clients can install their own screen with their own staff and volunteers with video, facetime, and phone support from us with no extra cost.  This is a huge savings for those on a budget.  We can also send out a Project Manager to manage your team for a minimal cost or do the full install at a very affordable price.

Team Member

When you buy from Worship Productions L.L.C., you are not only making a product purchase, but adding someone to your media and tech team.  We will be there for the journey of bringing your vision to fruition and continuing to be a team member by assisting you with ongoing tech support and video wall expansion.  So if you need us to jump on a conference call, help provide some creative ideas, or just need things to be explained is simplicity, we are here for you.


No budget, No Problem.  Worship Productions has partnered with another world renowned Faith-Based Finance company to bring you financing that is competitive, affordable, and easy.  We understand that good stewardship is a principle we all are trying to live by and with the help of our partners, we look forward to being good stewards together.


Quality.Valued Service

Worship Productions L.L.C. is a not just a company, but a ministry.

We are actually pastors who love helping churches bring excellence to the Kingdom with their presentations while being the best stewards of Kingdom resources. This is why you will get the same quality products as some of the big brand names, but at wholesale prices because it's not about the profits, but about the Kingdom.


We carry all sizes and resolutions at wholesale prices.  Choose from one of our packages or any custom design you wish.


We are here to bring your vision to fruition in a timely and affordable manner! 

     Featured Products