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Why LED Video Wall?

  • We believe that there should be excellence in the House of God. We live in a generation inundated with media and technology, so why not the Lord’s House.  These tools will never substitute the gospel or the power of the Holy Spirit, but are great instruments in communicating this great message.  With bright and colorful LED video walls, people can be drawn into your message and visualize exactly what you are trying to communicate, let alone make every word and verse much more readable than a projector or other instrument.  No need to decorate or change the stage for every season, holiday, or sermon series, you can do it all with LED Video Walls as a background on your stage or flying from the ceiling. 

  • LED walls are becoming the new standard for Houses of Worship. They have a much brighter image than projectors, are move affordable to maintain, are much more reliable than, and allow from more creativity than common projectors.  LED Video Walls are not disturbed by the house lighting as they are a source of direct light and not projected light.  Also, they do not lose their brightness at the rate of a projector that will lose about 80% in its first year.  This also means no more costly bulb replacements as our LED Video Walls have a lifespan of 50,000-100,000 hours.


  • Let your creative minds flow!  With many types of LED Video Walls (Panels, Foldable, Flexible) you can make any unlimited amount of configurations, as with projectors or overhead transparencies, you are limited to only one!


  • Save money in the end.  Purchasing an LED Video Wall from Worship Productions will only cost about 15-25% more than a comparable projector, but only requires about half as much power.  That means that the additional cost will be recouped in merly 2-3 years, yet you will have a far superior product. 

  • With an LED Video Wall you are getting a superior picture.  LED Video Walls have a  brighter picture and better contrast without you having to worry about ambient light.  Also, maintenance of your LED Video Wall is fast, easy, and cheap.  You will have an ample supply of simple replacement parts that can be changed out with a few screws.  No, costly repair shops or service men needed.

  • Join the LED Revolution today.  The church has evolved from hymnals, to overhead transparencies, to projectors, and now to LED Video Walls at an affordable price with Worship Productions.  We look forward to demonstrating to you the difference.

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