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Understanding Pixel Pitch or Resolution

Understanding an LED Video wall doesn't necessarily need to be complicated. Having said that, we will be discussing one of the important points of an LED Video Wall called "Pixel Pitch."

Making a decision to purchase an LED Video Wall can be an easy thing to do. However, researching its components and technical jargon can be a daunting task. Especially when trying to understand and choose based on resolution, which LED Video walls call pixel pitch.

What’s a Pixel Pitch?

In order to understand what a pixel pitch is let’s understand the anatomy of an LED Video wall. An LED Video wall is built out of panels, a number of modules, and a number of clusters of LED lights that sit on the modules. These modules are the housing for the LED lights which together emit light and ultimately an image. Let’s get back to the pixel pitch.

When you look at the module you will see the number of LED lights, each LED light has a precise measurement from the other. If you take the center of one LED light, or pixel, and measure its center to an adjacent center of another pixel you will find a measurement in millimeters or in this case, the pixel pitch. The less space and more clusters are on a module the higher the resolution, or the lower the pixel pitch. For example, it’s common to see a church with an indoor LED Video Wall with either a 2.5mm (Pixel Pitch/pp) or a 3.9mm (Pixel Pitch/pp).

Let’s summarize, a pixel pitch refers to the resolution of an image on an LED Video Wall. The lower the measurements on a pixel pitch the higher the resolutions. Today’s technology offers a number of options.

Looking for the best Pixel Pitch?

This not a simple answer because there is a number of variables that need to be factored in

before concluding the right choice. As a matter of fact, we don’t say that we offer the best pixel pitches. We say that we have a pixel pitch that fits your application.

LED Video walls offer a number of pixel pitches for a number of various applications. The LED Video wall industry technology is currently offering 1-20mm Pixel Pitches, and every pixel pitch has a minimum recommended viewing distances, but I’m jumping ahead. Let’s talk about a few different parameters, 3 to be exact, that we ask you to keep in mind during your due diligence.

1. The Ideal Viewing Distance

Every Pixel Pitch (pp) has a minimum recommended viewing distance as we mentioned before. The lower the pixel pitch, for example 1-3mm pixel pitch, the closer one is able to enjoy the LED Video Wall without being distracted by the pixels and the outlines of the modules/blocks, but there’s a limit of how close you can be from the screen which in this case would be 5-10ft.

For larger Pixel Pitches, you definitely will need to be further way. A billboard on the side of a freeway or outdoor digital signage normally has a pixel pitch of 10-20mm. This size of pixel pitch will require a recommended distance of 40+ ft.